About Me


Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!

Here is a little about me:

My name is Ashley Mariel. I am a young married Latina millennial woman who enjoys each of the little things that life has to offer. I am an imperfect human and a follower of Jesus Christ,  who is my Lord and Savior and perfect in every way.

I am sort of an ambivert, which is between that of an introvert and extrovert.

Being an introvert has brought me to be much of a thinker in almost everything. I enjoy learning about things that I know and gaining knowledge of things that I don’t. And most of all, I enjoy teaching others what I have been taught; this is where most of my extroverted side lies.

I invite you to read the rest of my blog which I hope you would find enlightening today. If you have any opinions or suggestions, they are all welcome, and feel free to comment or message me! ♥